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Workshops are great fun and a wonderful way of making new friends and sharing ideas.

All workshops are tailored to meet the needs of the individual or group

They vary in time from minutes to days.

Taster sessions at Bead Fairs are a great introduction to beading and a fun way to spend a few minutes learning a new stitch.

Complete a piece of work in a morning or afternoon at a Bead Fair and you still have time to visit all the fantastic stands

On a Cruise Ship Craft is only planned in the programme for "sea days" and an hour is usually allocated, this may be extended depending on the space we are working in. I like to offer a range of projects which include some hand stitching, beaded jewellery, card making, ribbon flowers and lots more. It is difficult to create projects which can be completed in one session  and some of my projects will take two or sometimes three.

Day Workshops can be organised by a studio, an enthusiast who invites a group of friends to their home, or a stitching group. Projects may be on a specific stitch technique or wide ranging where everyone works to their chosen designs with guidance as to colour, thread and stitch. Day workshop usually start at ten and finish at three with an hour for lunch. Students are reluctant to take time out to eat and prefer to keep working.

Residential workshops are intense as many hours are put into the course over the days. Naturally there is free time built into the planning of the programme  however many students prefer to work through the free time and also late into the night and its not unusual for some to be back at their work table before breakfast. Stitching workshops are planned for a specific technique encouraging students to be adventurous with colour and style and introduce surfaces new to them. Stitched Beaded Jewellery workshops allow students freedom to develop their pieces of work using all shapes and sizes of beads and learning new stitch techniques.

This year I am tutoring at Denman College, Craft on Cruises in he Caribbean and the Amazon, also embroidery groups, bead enthusiasts and at Higham Hall where I am tutoring Gold work, Stumpwork, Stitched beaded jewellery and Bead embroidery.